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Welcome to Beeftrack

Beeftrack is a comprehensive cattle management and traceability system for feedlot farming. It enables farmers to view animal data and information in real time on a Cloud dashboard. It is a modular system supporting small, medium and large feedlots. 


The Beeftrack system contains the following features:

• The Tracking Module manages the health monitoring and weight gain of animals from take-on until marketing.

• The Feed Logistics Module manages the tractors used to deliver feed to pens. 

• The Sorting Module manages the sorting process according to selected parameters.

Beeftrack is supplied and integrated with all the required hardware such as RFID ear tags, scanners, scales and RFID readers necessary for data collection.

RFID Cattle feedlot management system
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Cattle feedlot data management

Beeftrack System

Beeftrack is a cattle management and traceability system for feedlots. The system is Cloud based which enables farmers to view a dashboard and manage operations in real time on line and using mobile phones.  

Beeftrack collects data using the following methods:

  • Handheld RFID scanners are used for Registration, Identification, Weighing, Treatment and Pen Location

  • Fixed RFID scanners are used for registration, weighing and location. 


The data collected by the scanners are stored on the scanners and uploaded to the Cloud when an Internet Connection is available.

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Tracking Module

This module supports the following functions:

  •  Registering: Using RFID enabled ear tags, cattle are registered on receiving and the relevant data is captured such as origin, breed, sex and condition

  •  Identification: by scanning an animal in the field, it can be identified and the full history can be retrieved

  • Weighing: Beeftrack identifies each head of cattle and captures its weight automatically, improving accuracy and speed

  • Treatment: The condition and treatment of each head of cattle is captured and linked to its traceability record

  • Location: The pen location of each animal is captured and maintained

  • Disposal: Should an animal die, the details and reason is captured

  • Marketing: Animals sent for sale and scanned and the data captured automatically

RFID Scanner Cattle Tag Tracking

Feed Logistics

This module manages a fleet of tractors and automatically captures the feed type, weight and date/time of dispensing at each pen. The tractor hardware communicates via WiFi or 3G.

Cattle feed tractor feedlot management

Sorting  Module

This module manages the sorting gates and control gate opening based on the selected sorting criteria

Cattle sorting gate control system


The Beeftrack system is developed and supported by Techsolutions, the leading South African RFID company with more than 20 years of experience in developing RFID tracking systems and RFID hardware.

Beeftrack was developed in 2019 in response to and in cooperation with feedlot farmers. Beeftrack was launched in 2020 after successful rollout and testing with feedlot farmers.

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